Novel Hayes Recommendation

Norvel HayesI consider this a great privilege to write this recommendation for a man whom I have learned to appreciate and to love, a man with such an important ministry for the Body of Christ. Dwayne Norman is a man who is really sincere with God and doing His work and winning souls continuously.

Dwayne has had a heavy calling from God to win souls from his early youth while attending Bible college at Christ For The Nations in Dallas, Texas. He would work the streets every Friday and Saturday night while many other your people were out doing their own thing. He passed out tracts and worked with the dope addicts and prostitutes in the red light district of Dallas. At certain times when the pimps and the prostitutes would threaten him if he didn’t stop talking to their girls, he would still share the love of Jesus to the pimps as well as to their girls.

Dwayne worked out of my office for about three years in our campus ministry passing out tracts and giving out books on college campuses around America. He was one of the best and most faithful witnesses that Campus Challenge has ever had working on the campuses. He has been so faithful to God in this ministry that the Lord has now given him a public soul winning ministry where he holds his own seminars to help churches develop believers in the ministry of soul winning or reconciliation.

We are now at the writing of this, in Belfast, Ireland, together, where Dwayne is still his faithful self taking teams everyday on the streets and from house to house in this troubled city where they have been bombing and killing for several years.
I would recommend Dwayne Norman to hold soul winning seminars to any pastor who needs this ministry. He will truly be a great blessing to your church. He truly has the love of God in him.

Norvel L. Hayes, President


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